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I was looking for a Chrysler Pacifica and found this one at Ace Auto for a great price. Lexi is great to work with and very responsive. I had a slight problem with a piece of Trim that Ed and the team took care of with no hassle at all. We love our "new" van and would highly recommend working with Ace Auto for anyone looking for a used car - you'll get a great value and great service!

- Mark Walker

We bought a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van from Ace Auto. We got a very good price and it was just what we were looking for. We felt no pressure to purchase and spent most of the day wandering from vehicle to vehicle driving anyone we wanted. Lexie was very easy to work with and made the purchase fast and easy. We got a 1 year warranty on the vehicle and transmission went out on it recently. It was no problem it was fixed quickly, no questions asked. We will definitely be buying all future vehicles from Ace Auto. Thank you Ace Auto!

- Bill and Kathy Poirier

I am extremely impressed with the courteous and responsive service without the slightest hint of sales pressure from Lexi and Ed. When I first entered the building and asked to look at the vehicles on the lot, Lexi pointed me toward the type of vehicles I was interested in, and let me do my own inspection - something I really appreciated. I arrived shortly before closing, and Lexi told me to take my time on the test drives, and not to worry about the clock. What I like best, was they let me go home to think about my options without trying to close the deal before I could change my mind. I love this place!
The next day after I arranged financing with USAA (so trouble-free it's crazy), the transaction took maybe 20 minutes in Lexi's office before I had the keys and drove off in my new ride.
The car is absolutely immaculate inside and out, and for a 3-year old vehicle, you simply cannot tell the difference between this reconstructed salvage vehicle and a brand-new one. It even had the new-car smell! Ace Auto Car technicians are genuine craftsmen and not just trying to flip cars on-the-cheap.
I've had the vehicle now for 3,000 miles, brought it back for a very minor loose electrical connection repair, and Ed told me if I ever have anything further come up with the repair, he'd stand behind it and make it right even after warranty.
Ed and Lexy know how to run a business based on providing a quality product with exceptional customer service, like I've never seen in this business before.
I'll be back for my next auto purchase, and recommend you do too. This is a smart way to buy a car, as long as you go with Ace Auto Car!

- Rick Wahlen

Lexi is very easy to work with. Very clean place and a lot of different vehicles to choose from. I will definitely go back when I'm looking for another used vehicle to buy. Thanks again to Lexi and the staff at Ace Autos.

- Scott Rannow

Great experience. We let them know there was a problem with the AC in the vehicle we looked at and they brought it into their shop and let us know in just a couple minutes that they found the leak and that they would fix it up for us. They let us know what was going on and laid out the options so we didn't have to pay more for the repairs than the price of the vehicle.
Lexi, the salesperson who helped us, is very friendly and she put up with my sense of humor while we filled out the paperwork.
I'll definitely be looking here first the next time I need a vehicle.

- Nick Klein

I bought a salvaged Ram from them and love it. They even provided me with pictures of the vehicle before they fixed it, and receipts for the parts that needed replacement. My experience with them was great, and fast. I even got to leave the lot with my truck before he had the check from the loan company in hand. I will likely buy from them again.

- Joshua Kreger

Lexi and the rest of the team at Ace Auto were great. We went there to get an SUV for my Mom after my Dad passed away and they helped us out. They had a low-pressure sales staff and allowed us to take the vehicle to our own mechanic and auto body tech to ensure that it was all set for Mom. Thanks again!

- Jim Bokusky

We found this business as we searched for a good used minivan. They were very helpful and we found just what we wanted. The service throughout the process was great and we would recommend them and do future business there.

- Kathy Rosamond

Great buying experience! The friendly, helpful staff made our purchase quick and easy. The van is great! Excellent condition - drives like a new vehicle.

- Joe Sherohman

Needed a newer van for work, have a 2009 Dodge Caravan with 390,000 miles on it. Found the folks at Ace Auto Cars online and decided to check it out. the staff was great and Lexi was a dream, she really helped us choose the van we needed. This is a no-hassle dealership that lets you take your time and check out all the vehicles you want. We left with a newer van and a good feeling that we really mattered to them, thanks for a great time.

-Virgil Zunkell II

Last winter & spring I spent quite a bit of time looking at & driving mini-vans.  Nearly everyone had problems or was too expensive.  Then I looked at AceAutoCars.com and later stopped by and saw that they had many vans--several of which looked like they'd fill the bill.  So I picked out a 2014 Grand Caravan with 45,000 miles which looked to be in great condition.  So I took the van into my mechanic; he found several minor things to be fixed. Ed fixed them quickly so I made a deal & bought the van so far with no regrets. I've now driven it for 7 months, 5000 miles & it has worked well with only a minor clunk which was a loose nut & my mechanic quickly fixed it.

My advice, don't be afraid of salvaged vehicles from Ace but first take it into a reputable mechanic for a thoroughgoing through. This, of course, applies to the purchase of any vehicle.

Kudos to Ed, Lexi & their crew.

- Tim Bischke

We had a great experience buying a vehicle at Ace. Zero hassle salesmanship, and we brought them a list of minor fixes and they took care of it no questions asked. We'll be checking back with them to see what's available next time we're in the market for a vehicle.

- Christopher Bowe


Honestly it was an incredible experience. Our car looks and feels and drives like a new car — and our mechanic was bound and determined to find its issues but never did find any. Lexi is super laid back but at the same time on top of all the details. We imagine we will go back here in the future for our next car.

- Andene O'Neil


Ace Auto is top notch! I have never bought a salvaged car before but will be back again and again. The prices are very competitive with other salvaged car lots and they provide a warranty to ease your mind. I had to bring my car in for a check engine light and they fixed the situation immediately and apologized for any inconvenience it caused. Every staff member was polite and you can tell they care about providing long term customer service. This makes sense since most of their business is repeat and by referral. They offer a unique business model but if you are open minded and want the best deal around go with Ace!

- Zac Schnedler


I was hesitant to buy a salvaged vehicle since it's often given a bad name, but I have been pleasantly surprised with this purchase. We bought a 2014 Town and Country that was in great shape and had all the bells and whistles. We took it to our mechanic who found a few issues and we told Ed about them. He simply said to bring the van in and they would take care of all the issues per the 90 day/3,000 mile warranty. It was really amazing! Great experience buying a vehicle and we will be back when we need another one!

- Denae Fair

Excellent experience. Calm and relaxed sales. Ed even stayed late to work up the sale after close, and made a quick modification after that! Transparent product and process. They walked me through the detailed report of previous damages making me feel comfortable with the purchase. I would highly recommend seeking out a car on their lot.

- Nate Beaufeaux


I recently purchased a VW minivan from Ace Auto. They have been very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful from the beginning! I was skeptical about the fact that they sold salvage vehicles, but my perception of salvage vehicles has completely changed after working with them! Ed, Lexi, and Tony were all very professional and great to work with. They go above and beyond expectations when it comes to repairing vehicles, replacing many parts in the vehicle before selling it and even going so far as to polish the entire engine compartment! The vehicles we tested were all very clean and ran very well. They followed up on any/all further repairs in their warranty period after I brought the vehicle back to my mechanic. When I am looking for another vehicle, I will look here first and gladly drive the 4+ hours back to Ace Auto based on my experience with them and will emphatically recommend them to others! Overall an excellent deal!

- Aaron Duke

I recommend everyone to buy their next car here. The experience is very relaxed and they take the time to ensure you are comfortable with your sale. I felt the craftsmanship of the cars were phenomenal and if I hadn't seen the pictures myself of my car before Ed fixed it up, I would never have known it was a salvage! I am very happy with my purchase, and will most definitely go back for my next car!

- Kristina Seier


Fantastic experience! This is really a value approach to buying a car. Lexi was wonderful when helping us make this decision. Ed stands behind the cars 100%. I will absolutely call them again when looking for my next car.

- Todd Coursolle


Wonderful experience buying my car here. Working with Lexi was wonderful, she went above and beyond, staying late and helping me with some hickups along the way. Cannot recommend this place enough!

- Clint J


Fast, easy and convenient place to buy a new vehicle! Will definitely be using them again in the future. Honest fair prices, they don't try to sell or hover but are available for questions and assistance. The best car buying experience we've had thus far.

- Jordan Handy


Searched online - found the van I needed for my family. Came down and saw the great selection and decided on the Dodge Grand Caravan that we initially saw online. Photos didn't do it justice - I was able to get the van for about 8-11k less than I was able to find anywhere else. Salvage title doesn't bother me - I've had them in the past and these folks really do get them to a place where they are reliable, safe and affordable. I will be purchasing again from Ace Auto in Jordan. Thank you!

-Keith Roberts

I needed a van with a wheelchair ramp for my wife, after considerable research I discovered a Dodge Grand Caravan with a BraunAbility conversion that Ed and his crew rebuilt. I was impressed with Ed’s willingness to share pictures of the vehicle before the rebuild and the quality of the repair. They matched the Burgundy paint color perfectly, you would never know the vehicle was damaged. The for hour drive from Madison, to Jorden was worthwhile, I feel my savings was $10- $15 thousand.
We’ve had the van for a month now and absolutely love it! We’ had no issues, it run and looks perfect.
Thanks Ed, keep up the great work of rebuilding vehicles and delivering value to your customers.

- Fred Kusse



This is the second van I bought from Ace Auto Cars. When you look up a Carfax report and it verifies everything Lexi from Ace Auto Cars is telling you about the vehicle you are looking at purchasing for just over $15,000 and it was only driven for about 2 weeks and the miles are verified at ONLY 613 miles and that Carfax report also shows you the original window sale sticker and the price new was over $30,000 you cannot go wrong!!!!!!! That is why I came back and will again. A basically new van for 1/2 price!!!! Thank you Ace Auto Cars and a special thanks to Lexi for working on a Saturday and taking the time to answer all of my questions and phone calls in a supremely professional manner. You can’t do better anywhere else. 

- Jeffrey Elwood


We bought a 2014 Nissan Versa from them. It has under 23,000 miles on it and is in beautiful condition. I checked with two different Credit Unions and they appraised the value of the car to be $2,000-3,000 more than what Ace was asking for it. From scouting around on the internet I couldn't find any Nissan Versa's of that year with that few miles on it. It is practically like new.

The financing process was a tad complex due to information my credit union wanted but I did not have available but Lexi, our sales representative, helped us greatly and went well beyond the call of duty to help us out. She even helped me get a new username and password for the credit union app on my iphone, which I couldn't figure out. We loved the service we got and the car is excellent. Next time I need to buy a used car, I'm checking out Ace in Jordan.

- Gary Odle

From my perspective, this place is perfect for families looking for nice used mini vans with tons of options. They have a ton of other vehicles too but I bought a van. Our 11 year-old family mini van needed to be upgraded and I found out about Ace by looking through on-line listings. These are like-new vans in many cases for a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle. We bought a 2012 Town & Country but it only had 32,000 miles on it. The vans Ace carries are very consistently listed for about 20% less than the book value of the vehicle. In my case, that saved our family over $4000. They keep a really nice selection of Grand Caravans and Town & Countrys and others in-stock so that was perfect for our family. We were able to test drive several mini vans and we decided that we wanted one that wasn't quite finished being worked on because of minor interior things that needed to be finished up but they did a great job of finishing things up quickly and getting us in our van asap. Ed showed us pictures of the accident our van was in on his office computer and he explained what they did to get it back to looking new again. We needed to order a second key fob online and Ed was able to program it for us for a much smaller fee than other places. The 3 month guarantee is a really nice perk and what people say about that in other reviews is true. You can just give Ed a call and then bring your vehicle in if anything is not right in the first 3 months and Ace Auto will help you. We went back to Ace once so far in the first 6 weeks we had the van and they addressed the couple of minor things we needed on the spot, no questions asked. If Ace has a vehicle that suits your needs in stock, I'm not sure why you would not seriously consider purchasing it.

- Tim Holzhueter


My wife and I purchased a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country from Ace Auto. We had not purchased a salvage vehicle before, but found a vehicle we liked at a good price and decided to go for it. We drove the vehicle for a couple months and also brought it into our mechanic for his review to be sure we could have any concerns addressed before the warranty expired. Our mechanic commented that the work done on the vehicle was well done and just had a few minor comments. We contacted Ed about those comments as well as a few of our own to and found a time to bring the vehicle in and in a couple of hours they had resolved all of the issues. We would certainly purchase another vehicle from Ace Auto and would recommend other people go there as well.

- Matt & Andrea Glewwe

We've decided to write a review after owning our vehicle for a number of months. When we decided to check out Ace Auto, we were somewhat skeptical of buying this type of vehicle. However, our first encounter with Ed and his co-workers was very positive and we felt right at home with them. After choosing a vehicle that we wanted at a reasonable price, Ed assured us that any details that needed to be taken care of, would be. He gave us a warranty period when we could contact him with any little issue that came up. He followed through on everything. Thank you Ed and crew for your honesty and down-to-earth sales practices. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends!

- Lela Wiens


We recently purchased a minivan and had a really great experience with Ed. When we arrived with our two kids with car seats, willing to have one parent drive and the other hang out in the lot with kids, Ed quickly said, no, you need to all get in the van and drive it, I’ll help you switch out car seats. After driving a couple vehicles with Ed assuring us our waffling and back and forth discussions were okay because ‘it’s not like you are buying a piece of candy, this vehicle is going to be in your family for awhile’ we ended up with a really nice 2013 Chrysler Town and Country. After a couple days, I noticed a couple minor things (missing flashlight in the back, broken headphones for the video system and the far back video system wasn’t working), Ed asked me to stop by and within 45 minutes he had fixed the issue with the video system and provided the flashlight and headphones. It was a truly great experience and I would recommend anyone I know buying from Ed and ACE Auto!

- Blaze Culliton 

Ace was really low key. No pressure what so ever.In fact I looked at a couple vans and Ed told me the damage that was fixed , had pictures of damage repaired. Had frame and alignment documentation as well. Had a couple issues and Ed and the whole crew stepped up and took care of business. Lexi was right on top of my plates and kept me informed of the DMV problems. Thanks guys

- Craig Lembcke

Had an excellent experience here. I really enjoyed how laid back the whole process was and there weren't any weird hoops to jump through, just clean, honest, great vehicles. Bought a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country, and am really happy with it and the service that was provided by this company. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

- Justina David


We got a great vehicle at a good price. Ed was good to work with. We've been pleased with the quality of work that made the vehicle driveable. I'll definitely buy from them again!

- Troy Lassle


My overall experience buying a minivan at Ace was a great experience. I worked with Ed who was down to earth and not a stereotypical car salesmen; meaning no pressure or games. He spent the time answering all our questions and going through each vehicle in detail. We had such a positive experience that I felt compelled to pass this great place on to others. Great price the "prior salvaged title" was not a problem with insurance coverage. The car was clean and in working order. We were reassured with the 90 day 3k miles bumper to bumper coverage. I wanted to wait to write this review incase something came up. Two things. The financing with credit union had a hiccup but we were still able to drive away with the minivan and sorted out details days later. We also wanted an extra key which the Apple Chrysler had to program. The Apple Chrysler dealer screwed up the key with Fab so we had to drive an hour to go back and program the key. My point, Ace auto delivered and the actual Chrysler deal screwed up. Lastly, a week later we noticed a drip on the garage floor and Ed told us to bring it in. Bad axial seal fixed and replaced I 1.5hrs. Have not had problems since. Great experience, I would definitely recommend! Thanks Ace.

- Darin Gylling


We purchased a minivan from Ace Auto a few weeks ago. We were thrilled with their inventory, quality and price. Ed was great to work with and found exactly what we were looking for. Definitely check out their website before you buy your next vehicle. I know we'll be back!

- JoAnn Cochran




We purchased a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan from Ed and Ace Auto in January 2017. Six months later we're very happy with our van.

Ed showed us several different vans without any pressure. A few weeks after we bought our van the sliding door lock stopped working. They fixed it right away under warranty.

I highly recommend buying from Ace Auto. They are friendly, fair priced, honest, and easy to buy from.

- Nate Drude

We could not be any happier with the service provided by Ed and the others at Ace Auto! We were looking for a van for our growing family and had seen several options online. I called in and spoke with Ed about the vehicles we were interested in and he gave me great information about each one.
We live an hour away from Ace but wanted to check it out since he had so many great options in one place and had been so helpful on the phone. The buying process was quick and easy!
Shortly after we purchased the van we started having some issues and since we live an hour away we took it to our local mechanic who could not find the problem. We called Ed and he told us to bring it in. They took a look at it and were not only able to quickly diagnose the problem but also fixed it that very same day so that we didn't have to make multiple trips.

If you are looking for a great used car for a great price, and amazing customer service this is the place to go! It was well worth the hour drive for us!

- Anna Miller

Bought a 2013 mini van about 30% under book. Yes it's a salvage title but you would never know by looking at it. Plus he had pre fix pictures to show the damage... it was a light hit. We have put on 10,000 problem free miles in the past 6 months. We had title issue thanks to the new state dmv system. The Ace Auto worked hard to get the issue resolved. Id buy again from them in a second.

- Troy Okerlund