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Frequently Asked Questions

Ace Auto is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

Below, you will find some of the most commonly asked questions we receive here in our office. We invite you to browse through them to find the answer you need; however, if you do not see the answer you are after, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (952) 230-0408 or email us at Ace Auto.

A prior salvage title means that the vehicle was paid out as a total loss by the insurance company at one point in its life. Now, this does not mean the vehicle was destroyed beyond repair. Some come with minimal damage. We look at that vehicle and see potential, buy it from the insurance company, fix it back to original condition, and sell for up to 30% cheaper than the same vehicle with a clean title. This is a significant cost savings for you!

There is no risk if you are buying from a reputable dealer. Each one of our vehicles passes a Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services inspection. Furthermore, you can take any of our vehicles to your own mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Lastly, we have pictures of every vehicle prior to us starting the repairs on it. You able to see the severity of the accident, whether airbags deployed, and other valuable information.

Yes. This is a very common question! Prior salvage vehicles can be insured through most insurance companies.

Yes. However, some banks have certain requirements for financing prior salvage vehicles. You can reach out to us directly for banks that have worked for our customers.

We accept cash, checks, personal checks, cashiers checks and credit cards. All credit card transactions have a processing fee of 2.75% charged by the bank.

We have a 90-day, 3000 mile, bumper to bumper warranty. This means that even after you leave the lot, you are covered. We are human, so it is impossible to be error-free. Majority of the warranty claims we get are not because of faulty repairs, but from normal wear and tear items. In the event that your vehicle requires warranty repairs, you would contact our warranty number directly at (952) 217-6274.
Please note, that some vehicles such as trade in vehicles, will not have a warranty. Refer to the specific vehicle ad for more information.

We do not offer loaner vehicles because of our insurance.

All repairs are made right here, at our Ace Auto location. Our team consists of 11 mechanics who are all outstanding and well trained. For over 7 years we have worked on creating and improving our processes and standards which is the basis for our consistent quality.

Once an airbag deploys in an accident, there is no way to “repair” the original airbag, it will need to be replaced. This involves replacing or resetting the airbag module and installing a replacement airbag. All the airbags used by Ace Auto are OEM. When properly replaced, the airbags will work just as they should in the event that the vehicle is involved in another accident.

In some accidents, a technician will perform frame repair. During the framework process, the vehicle is anchored by clamping the underside of the body, and the necessary pulling and straightening can then take place with the use of hydraulic tools. Ace Auto mechanics bring the structural components back to their proper dimensions. Being that we focus on specific makes and models, the frame technicians have a wide knowledge of the proper dimensions of our vehicles. All vehicles pass alignment at Ace Auto before being sold.

Yes we do!

NO! Stop by anytime!